About Emmanuel Funeral Parlour

Emmanuel Funeral Services is dedicated in providing integrity, respect, professionalism and lasting relationships with our clients.

The management and staff at Emmanuel Funeral Services exhibit compassion, guidance and reliability.  It is our duty and privilege to provide everyone with the utmost care and trust.

Throughout history it has been the custom to honour the memory of those we love by erecting a lasting form of memorial.

A memorial becomes a permanent symbol of remembrance. At Emmanuel Funeral Services we understand the importance of remembering a loved one, so our vision entails giving you the best available services and products and resources a helping hand in times of hardship.  At  Emmanuel Funeral Services we pride ourselves on our experience and professional ability to arrange or assist with the traditional funeral rites and customs of many cultures and religious beliefs.

We are also a proud member of the National Funeral Directors Association of Southern Africa.


Through our knowledge of the industry, we promise to be the best funeral service provider.  We will render our well-known best services with passion and dignity, build upon our integrity as reliable business partners to provide the best quality services and products with reasonable, affordable prices to establish optimal customer satisfaction and service to our community.


To serve our community through professional planning and to ensure customer satisfaction when the unthinkable occurs, to assist families in times of bereavement with a dignified last goodbye based entirely on their needs.

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