Planning A Funeral

All decisions should be made in terms of a deceased’s will. 
Try to ascertain what kind of funeral the deceased would have preferred - burial or cremation.
A funeral service to honour the life of the deceased is not a legal requirement in South Africa.  However, it is customary to have a function or ceremony where family and friends can celebrate the life of the deceased, show their last respects, and bid the deceased a loving farewell.
The responsibility for funeral arrangements and determining the deceased's last resting place normally falls on the closest next of kin or person(s), named as heir(s) in the deceased’s will.
For funeral arrangements, contact
051-448 8566
to help you plan a funeral according to your needs.  Every aspect regarding the arrangements will be handled on your behalf.
EMMANUEL FUNERAL SERVICES will do everything from obtaining the death certificate, supplying the original as well as the necessary certified copies.  We will assist from placing of the death notice in the local newspaper, obtaining the grave from the local authorities, arranging with the crematorium to all floral arrangements, printing of funeral programs, etc.

What to Bring With You For Funeral Arrangements

  • A copy of the deceased’s Identity Document
  • Next of kin’s Identity Document
  • Funeral Policy and marriage certificate (these are required by the insurance company if you have a policy).
  • Photo(s) of the deceased for funeral programs
  • Clothes (if the family requires the deceased to be dressed)





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